My name is George Torok.

“If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.”
- Edsger Dijkstra

I have always been interested in java language, but i have never had enough time to know. Fortunately I made up my mind a few years ago and I started to learn it. I passed the examination of Oracle in 2012, and I got "Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer" certificate. I have been training myself since that time.

I developed only desktop application for Windows in the past, but I realized that it is not the future. The mobile phones and tablets are more and more popular. The equipments have different technical parameters and different operating system. It forces to develope applications that run on every computing devices and on every operating system. In mine opinion, using cloud computing technology is the best solution to achieve a goal. Java provides great basis. So I specialized myself in java based web application development. I had to study and apply HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery systems to develop efficient and good looking application.

I made a simple GPS Tracking System, that involve a GPRS data receiver server, a servlet to respond to requests and a HTML client.
Now I work on a remote controlled system, that reach remote devices over GPRS. You can control and monitor remote devices with every browser capable equipment (mobile phone, tablet, pc).

To refine my JavaScript knowledge I developed an educational game software using HTML and Javascript. (My sons enjoy it... I hope!) Szorzótábla

I have been working already for 27 years as software developer. I had began to program with Basic, Pascal and Clipper programming language, then I developed applications with popular Delphi and less popular Magic .

Magic (eDevloper, UniPaas) is the best tool to develop business data processing application. Taking advantages of SQL database services, you can build efficient, versatile and huge application quickly and easy. My biggest project was a corporate governance application that I have developed in the last 7-8 years for B and K Ltd. with Magic of course.

Mostly I used Delphi to develop special supplementary (add-on) programs to support Magic application. One of these is an integrated email client. The program stores incoming and outgoing e-mails in database so you can link to other database elements like partner, person or project. I developed a query builder program too, that support to make complicated SQL query and report easily.

I thought, I share a few result and product of my career in this portal. I hope you find some interesting and useful thing.

if you have any advice or question please let me know:

I wish you every success !

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